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Diplomate Demographics

Following the February 2018 Examination, there are approximately 2,067 board-certified veterinary surgeons.

Current employment distribution of ACVS Diplomates:
Academic Institution: 24.90%  
Armed Forces: 1.51%  
Corporate: 0.39%  
Private Practice: 32.30%  
Private Referral-Only Practice 33.75%  
Retired: 2.97%  
Other/Unknown: 4.18%  
Current practice emphasis of ACVS Diplomates:
Note: Practice emphasis percentages are reflective of the number of members reporting practice in a particular species.  ACVS Diplomates may indicate practice in more than one species and are counted separately in the percentages below for each species selected.
Equine General & Orthopedic: 18.19%  
Equine General: 3.55%  
Equine Orthopedic: 2.09%  
Farm Animal General & Orthopedic: 1.46%  
Farm Animal General: 0.44%  
Farm Animal Orthopedic: 0.10%  
Large Animal General & Orthopedic: 6.86%  
Large Animal General: 1.17%  
Large Animal Orthopedic: 0.54%  
Small Animal General & Orthopedic: 46.98%  
Small Animal General: 7.88%  
Small Animal Orthopedic: 6.23%  
Other/Unknown: 11.19%  
Gender Distribution of ACVS Diplomates:
Female: 38.57%  
Male: 61.14%  


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